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MadCat Pet Supplies
A huge thank you to MadCat for hosting our weekly fairs and hosting our cats and kittens in residence!

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Thank you to Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Catz for hosting our kittens in residence at their stores!

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We would like to thank Mounds Pet Food Warehouse for donating food and litter and hosting our cats in the Satellite Adoption Centers!




 Local Adoption Resources

 Dane County Lost Pet Search

Spay and Neuter Programs and Other Assistance Programs

TNR and Outdoor Cats and Kittens

Behavioral Resources and Cat Care

Special Kitties

  •  Click here to browse our special kitties available for adoption.

What is a special kitty?

Special cats require specific living situations, which makes finding their forever home a little more dificult.  

          Special kitties may:

  • have a medical or behavior issue that requires extra time and patience
  • not do well with other pets, having to be the only animals in the house or need an adult-only household
  • simply have been overlooked at adoption fairs over and over again

How do you know if you are ready to adopt a special needs cat?

  • It's simple. All you need is a big heart and lots of patience as your new kitty gets to know you and his or her new home.

What are the benefits of adopting a special needs cats?

  • Despite any special needs your new cat has, these special cats will be so appreciative of your love. You will both be so thankful you found one another.
FIV and FeLV

We think kitties with FIV and FeLV are extra special. To learn more about these conditions click on the links below.

FIV Fact Sheet from DCFOF
FIV Fact Sheet from Cornell

FeLV Fact Sheet

Our special adopters talk about their special kitties:
Irv, FIV+ - I adopted Irv in the late summer of 2011.  He soon gained the name "Irv the Lover" because we'd never met a more adoring cat.  He looks like a lion, yet he's calm and attentive and has this huge personality.  Irv and the other cat of the house (who isn't FIV+) got along like the best of brothers.  If they weren't chasing after one another, they were snuggling up and taking naps together.  His FIV status still hasn't been an issue.  Jen

Rufus, FIV+ - Our family is so happy to have Rufus.  Once we met him, nothing could have changed our minds about taking him in. He’s an equal opportunity lap sitter, and loves his new Weimaraner friend, Archie.  We have only had him for a couple of months now, so I haven’t had extra vet visits due to illness. He has a healthy diet with rare snacks stolen from the counter.  On the initial visit with our vet I was happy to learn that the chances of him having a normal, healthy life are very good.     I have no regrets about adopting Rufus and he’s already worth any extra health maintenance we might have to provide.  Sheila

Bocchi, FIV+I adopted Bocci, FIV + kitty approximately 3 years ago.  He is the friendliest and most pleasant boy!  He currently lives with one more FIV+ cat and a non positive kitty as well.  I have had no health issues due to his FIV status; either with him or my other 2 cats.  They all get along well and are the sweetest cuddlers! Lisa

Jake and Kizmet, FELV+We currently are owned by three FELV+ cats.   They bring a lot of joy to our lives.  We give our cats a supplement called Viralias twice a day to boost their immune system, keep their eyes clear and help prevent colds.  We take the cats for a checkups twice a year.  If they do get sick, the doctor does conduct more tests than when we had non FELV+ cats.  Their lifespan is shorter so we shower them with love every day.   Other than that, they are just like normal cats.  Charlie and JoAnn


Pet Friendly Housing - FInd pet friendly apartments by city and zip code.  Many apartments allow cats, but some have restrictions on cats with claws (front declawed) or the age of the cat (no kittens).  Please check these details with the landlord before you sign a lease.  If the rental office insists on a declawed cat, inform them that plastic nail caps (softpaws or softclaws) are available.  Some landlords may accept a cat with claws, as long as the caps are applied.

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